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8 Skills for Career Success™


The 8 Skills for Career Success™ is designed to teach people how to increase their success at work by increasing their workplace productivity and workplace effectiveness.

Based on a review of approaches used by global business leaders and leveraging Bill Lang’s Harvard and International business experiences, 8 Skills for Career Success™ has been designed to integrate business management, interpersonal effectiveness and career self-management skills.

Learning outcomes

Participants will cover the following 8 skills:

  1. Career Business Planning
  2. Personal Branding
  3. Personal Productivity
  4. Effective Decision Making
  5. Relationship Effectiveness
  6. Great Team Playing
  7. Organisational Smarts
  8. Service Quality Systems

Who will benefit

From recent graduate to seasonal people managers and experts. Highly relevant for any organisation where employee face major structural change and uncertain operating environments.

How is it delivered

2 day workshop


Customised selection of skills. Each skill a 2hr workshop


Self-study DVD program


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