Building Leadership Energy – Engagineering™


Engagineering™ is the art and science of engaging yourself and others to improve personal and team performance.  Utilising the latest science-based insights and tools, Engagineering™ will help you boost your own leadership performance and maximise employee, team member and customer relationships.

The Engagineering™ framework and practices are learned through highly interactive discovery seminars and workshops that use Engagineering™ practices to stimulate rapid learning and understanding.

We can tailor a program to meet your requirements, whether you are looking to improve the performance of your organisation’s leaders, of individual teams, or on a company-wide level.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the Four Sources of Leadership Energy
  • Develop Rapid Learning Skills
  • Build Critical Interaction Skills and Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Form Learning partnerships for mutual development accountability
  • Increase physical, mental and emotional energy to pursue Personal Leadership Vision

Who will benefit?

Executives and Senior Leaders with responsibility for leading change and increasing innovation and performance.

How is it delivered?

The program consists of four half day workshops and can include preparation via Participant diagnostics and medical tests.

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