Business Innovation and Design Thinking


Businesses of all types and sizes are required to innovate both in product and process to compete and succeed.  The disciplines of Design Thinking have been pioneered by organisations like Apple and can be learned and applied to any business.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an actionable definition of innovation for a business
  • Identify priority areas in the business for Innovation
  • Develop awareness of the key tools used in Design Thinking
  • Build leadership commitment to an Innovation strategy

Who will benefit?

Executives and Senior leaders, high potential talent pools.

How is it delivered?

Using the Harvard Business School case study method and specific case studies and learning materials the program can be delivered over four separate 4 hour sessions or across 2 one day sessions.  Participants are required to invest at least 2 hours per case study in individual preparation and will be required to actively participate in each workshop.  Workshop leaders include Professors and facilitators with Harvard Business School experience.

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