Embedding a High Performance Culture


Many “interventions” and “organisational development initiatives” fail due to their one-off, event-only form of implementation. In the modern workplace where leaders spend less time face to face with their teams the ability to provide “leadership behaviour role modelling” is compromised.  Utilising a “repeatable, learnable and effective” leadership learning discipline can fast track cultural change and embed a continuous and high performance culture.

Learning outcomes

  • Team and Personal improvement process
  • Increased interpersonal communication skills
  • Increased focus on a team’s internal or external customers
  • Process for increasing employee engagement, productivity and customer value put in place

Who will benefit?

All employees who participate will improve mindsets and ability to accelerate their development and contribution to organisation wide performance improvement.

How is it delivered?

The Scores on the Board system is delivered both vertically and horizontally throughout the organisation. In effect, the organisation has a “repeatable and scalable” team and personal development process.   External or internal facilitators conduct 4 hour implementation workshops with team leaders. Online support and mentoring is provided to all participating team leaders and if required regular reporting services can be provided for the teams.

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