World Class Executive Teams


The major constraint on the ability of organisations to innovate, grow and prosper is the rate of Top team performance improvement.

The Top team is led by the CEO.  Research from McKinsey & Company, PWC Strategy& and Harvard Business School faculty have generated significant insights about specific mindsets and practices that distinguish World Class Executive Teams from the rest.

This solution is tailored to the client organisation’s strategic imperative and is usually implemented in the first few months of a new CEO appointment or upon a major change in the composition of Top team executives.

Learning outcomes

  • Review effectiveness of way the Top team is currently working together
  • Deepen understanding of each other and what is important to team members as it relates to the Top team
  • Craft a Leadership Team Vision (as opposed to the Organisation’s vision)
  • Create a Performance PACT to create a high trust environment
  • Understand and design in the 7 Areas of Top Team Performance

Who will benefit?

CEO’s and their direct reports.

How is it delivered?

Usually part of a Strategy Offsite where the Top Team agrees the targets and priority strategy for the next 1 to 3 years. Pre-work includes online video tutorials, reading and reflective preparation.

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