Effective Feedback Conversations


Research shows that for a person to be engaged, they must have goals and know how they are tracking. Regular feedback is an important but often under-utilised aspect of team motivation and development. Therefore, as a manager it is imperative that you are confident in providing effective feedback. Giving feedback effectively is a skill and like all skills need to be practised regularly to be improved.

This workshop will identify the skills required in giving effective feedback and guide the participants through the stages that must be followed to establish confidence.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • To understand the difference between coaching and feedback
  • To understand the science of feedback
  • To recognise the effect of a lack of feedback
  • To identify the power of an effective feedback culture
  • To follow process models to deliver effective feedback
  • To observe giving and receiving feedback that effects change
  • How to gain confidence in having “difficult” conversations

Who will benefit?

This workshop is beneficial for managers and team leaders who are responsible for the performance of direct reports or team members.

How is it delivered?

4 hour Workshop – includes online preparation (to learn and apply toolkit) and 3 day review.

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