Leading Strategic Change


This workshop will identify clear strategies to effectively manage and respond to changing situations and will provide guidance on how to plan the change management process and conduct successful change management conversations with team members to achieve the required outcomes.

To maximise learning some pre work shall be sent prior to the workshop. Participants will be able to plan their own change projects during the workshop.

Learning outcomes

Participants within the workshop will develop a better ability to:

  • Understand the effect of transformational change
  • Identify suitable change management models
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Plan the change management process within the organisation
  • Understand the emotions inherent in change to anticipate reactions
  • Plan appropriate support measures to sustain the change program

Who will benefit?

This workshop is intended for people managers and team leaders managing significant change within any organisation. Changes include restructuring, new process development and implementation e.g. Software, IT, compensation, outsourcing, performance management to name a few.

How is it delivered?

4 hour Workshop – includes online preparation (to learn and apply toolkit) and 3 day review.

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