8 Skills for Management Success™


The 8 Skills for Management Success™ is a series of skill development modules and supporting tools, designed to help managers improve their business results by increasing the productivity and effectiveness both of their teams, and of individuals within their teams.

Based on a review of approaches used by global business leaders and leveraging Bill Lang’s Harvard and International Business experience, 8 Skills for Management Success™, while valuable as an individual series, is particularly powerful when used alongside our performance improves system – Scores on the Board™.

Learning outcomes

Participants will cover the following 8 skills:

  1. Team Motivation
  2. Setting Team Objectives
  3. Implementing Team Action Plans
  4. Running Successful Team Meetings
  5. Diagnosing Performance
  6. Planning the Coaching Session
  7. Running the Coaching Session
  8. Managing your manager

Who will benefit?

Team leaders and managers responsible for the performance of individuals.

How is it delivered?

Delivered in either of the following ways:

  • 2 day workshop – conducted 1 week apart
  • Self-study DVD program

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