Creating Engaged and Collaborative Teams


A highly engaged and collaborative team supports the team leader, the team members and the organisation as a whole. This workshop is based on the latest insights from Harvard Business School, Professional team environments and Neuroscience studies. The concepts taught have helped organisations and teams win awards for best in world, best in region and best in country in the areas of innovation, performance and productivity.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • Why engagement and collaboration underpin organisation performance
  • How to identify highly engaged team members
  • The role of Organisational Executive leadership and Individual Team leadership in building engagement and collaboration
  • The drivers of team and individual engagement
  • The 5 part process for building engagement and collaboration at the team level
  • How to leverage Neuroscience to improve a leaders ability to build a highly engaged and collaborative team

Who will benefit?

This workshop is for anyone leading a team or work group of teams that are required to deliver improved levels of engagement, collaboration, productivity or results.

How is it delivered?

4 hour Workshop – includes online preparation (to learn and apply toolkit) and 3 day review.

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