Effective Performance Management


As a leader, your task is to make your team successful.  However to achieve this goal, it is critical that you are able to deliver on the organisational objectives in the most efficient and effective way.  Getting the best performance from each of your team members is one of the most challenging tasks a leader faces on a daily basis.  It requires the leader to understand how to set and communicate clear performance expectations, how to diagnose performance, how to provide feedback against these outcomes and how to reward success and deal with poor performance outcomes.

Learning outcomes

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • The importance of and principles of performance management
  • How to plan for and set clear performance outcomes and expectations
  • To diagnose performance against the agreed outcomes
  • How to gain your teams commitment to the performance management process
  • How to plan for and deliver a performance review session

Who will benefit?

This workshop will benefit leaders at every level who are responsible for leading a team that delivers organisational outcomes, managing the performance of a team and the development of organisational and individual capability.

How is it delivered?

4 hour Workshop – includes online preparation (to learn and apply toolkit) and 3 day review.

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